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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tens of thousands are heading downtown this weekend-- and its not just ticket holders. what you need crowds. a mother dead.. a father in jail.. both believed to have overdosed on heroin while at children's hospital. what one woman says she learned from finding herself at a similar rock bottom losing everything to drugs. and it's a welcome home fit for a king.a young boy battling a rare brain cancer.. gets an incredible outpouring of support from an entire
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we're looking at a soggy saturday in who dey nation ... as the bengals get ready to take on the steelers ... let's get straight to 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh for a first look
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we are just over 24 hours from kickoff in paul brown stadium ... counting down the hours until the bengals try to mark their first playoff win in decades we learned andy dalton is 'officially' ruled out for the game ... as expected ... a-j mccarron will start at quarterback on saturday. tomorrow the banks is expected to see one of its largest crowds ever. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live at the banks and tells us how people running the show at the bars and restaurants plan to keep you safe during the big game. more people- means more security down here at the banks. i spoke to several bar managers who say they are use to big events. most have hired cincinnati police officers to make sure everything runs smoothly. 24-3139-46nick ramsey:general manager of holy grail08:30 tomorrow night because of the team we are playing and just all of the momentum, i am going to compare it to the all star weekend. that saturday night of the home run derby, that's the way i am preparing the place anyway. 41 the
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and steelers- well it's intense. and that fact alone will bring thousands of people down to the banks. businesses like tin roof and holy grail ostrander:general manager of tin roof00:27 with big crowds we are excited to have them here but we need to beef up security, so we will have six or seven guys working the door and kind of patrolling the area inside, make sure nothing gets out of hand. 37 bars have also hired the men in blue for tomorrow's big game. 07:13 we do have two cincinnati police officers that work detail for us plus there are always lot of cincinnati detail out there hired by the city so there will be security everywhere. it's going to run smooth. 25 as far as fights go- bar managers say fans typically have more bark than bite. kyle tin roof01:39 there is definitely a lot of things said between fan groups but for that kind of stuff. we really don't have a lot of there are little barbs every once in a while but that is kind of fun and part of the sport. 51 the bars all have maximum occupancies- and the playoff crowds will surely exceed them. managers say you can expect to wait in line. it's all part of keeping you safe. kyle ostrander:general is the first home game that we
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in the playoffs so we don't know exactly what to expect, we don't have anything really to base it off of but we are expecting it to be a lot of fun and have a lot of people out here earlier. 29 nick ramsey:general manager of holy grail08:50 we are going to do what we have to do and hopefully the bengals will do what they have to do and hopefully we will see them in new england next week. 54 in addition to all of these bars and restaurants here on east freedom way- the budlight tailgate zone will be back here tomorrow. that starts at 4pm. but if you plan to do that- you will definitely want to bring rain gear with you. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. because of the soggy forecast we checked in to see how paul brown stadium ground crews are preparing ... a new surface was put on p-b-s just three years ago.... there's a gravel underlay and a drainage system taht goes back to when the field was natural grass ...and the field was reshaped with a crown at the 50 yard line that allows the water to drain off to the walls ... today crews cleaned the seats, checked the scoreboards, and washed the windows ... now paul brown stadium is ready to
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if you're waiting until the last minute to try and score tickets to tomorrow's game-- you're in luck. ticket prices are 'falling'! 'falling'!between falling demand ... and tomorrow's rainy forecast ... upper deck seats to the game are available for as low as seventy dollars!if you do decide to snag tickets ... make sure you get them from a legit website with a money back guarantee. for more than 40 years a symmes township man has made going to bengals games a family tradition. started at the age of seven with his dad and grandfather,now it focuses on his kids, and all the memories are hanging around in his basement.john wagner also paints, banners spanning 40 feet, and the message usually depends on the competing team. jeff wagner/bengals fan"it's a difficult question but the reality is you do things you like it's a labor of love it is a stress reliever. and its also an expression, i have got a big investment in the team
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voice."wagner says he leaves all of his banners behind at the games. it's the memories he makes with family and friends that he takes home. nine on your side's special coverage begins after the kansas city - texas game. tanya, craig and popo will have your pre-game set-up at 7-30. then... after nine on your side at 11... ken broo hosts a special hour-long edition of sports of all sorts... with highlights and team reaction. today ... a father accused of overdosing on drugs in his child's hospital room ... was arraigned on 400-thousand dollars bond. bond.this morning the prosecutor told a judge that wesley landers poses a danger to the community and is at risk of o-d-ing again ... and asked for a high bond. yesterday landers was found unresponsive in the room at children's hospital with a handgun and three syringes used for heroin in his pockets. his wife ... also found unresponsive ... was declared dead. police believe the two were using heroin.
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addiction has reached epidemic proportions and impacted thousands of families. nine on your side's introduces you to a woman who kicked her eight-year habit and is trying to reunite her family. "heroin has hit all corners of the community very, very hard as evidence by the overdoses at cincinnati children's hospital on thursday that tore an alabama family apart. that type of tragedy, though, is all too familiar for a recovered addict that i talked with on friday." friday." the heroin overdose that put wesley landers in court and killed his wife is having a huge impact on his family. grandparents may become guardians. two little girls face an uncertain future. meagan petty can relate to that all too well. well. "i'm a mom and i'm also a recovering heroin addict. i experienced that disconnect from my children. no matter how much i love them, that disease never allowed me to put them first." first."
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2005 and it took two of her three children from her. her. "my mother raised my 12-year old daughter. she still has her today because for the first 10-years of her life what she knew was my mom being her mother." mother." finally, petty came to first step home in walnut hills and shook her disease. disease. "it's painful to get clean. it hurts. it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as we're hurting our families and our children." children." but, it was a guesture of her own daughter that made it all worthwhile. worthwhile. this 10-year old little girl wrote me a letter that said, 'mom, i want you to know that i still have hope for you.' "now, meagan petty is first step home's intake coordinator and central scheduler. she's helping others shake the demons she once experienced and vows to keep her children from becoming addicts. tom mckee, nine on your side, corryville." we're having a little fun with the powerball jackpot jackpotwe breakdown what you
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winnings-- and we're doing it cincinnati style. plus later-- at least 10 cars tagged with white spray paint in a westwood neighborhood. how the victims say they plan
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the powerball jackpot is now 800 million dollars ... the largest lottery prize in history.we wanted to know what 'cincinnati specific' things
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the cash payout of about 496- million dollars.we crunched the numbers and figured out ... you could design and build your own downtown streetcar loop and operate it for about 82 years ...... you could buy 268-million, 108-thousand, and 108 cheese coneys at skyline ...... or fund the cincinnati zoo's 32 million dollar yearly operations for the next 15 years. it's a sweet story you won't want to miss. how a young boy battling brain cancer reacts to an amazing welcome home. plus a full look at your 9
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at 7! developing tonight in a northern kentucky child porn investigation ...9 on your side has learned the suspect involved is a 'school bus driver.' driver.'tonight we've learned derrick becker resigned from kenton county schools in november - after he was charged.a school spokeswoman tells nine on your side becker drove for nealy four years.his routes were for ryland heights elementary, woodland middle and scott high.but his criminal case doesnt appear to have ties to the schools. jess dykes/kenton county schools spokesperson "we are unaware of any criminal investigation in the kenton county area but all questions furthermore after this will
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county investigators. investigators.we have reached out to campbell county police and prosecutors tonight.we will let you know when we learn more about the case against becker. it took two rounds with a taser to bring him down ... but cincinnati police say the man wanted for a deadly hit and run is in custody tonight. tonight.thomas stidhum was arrested at a home in bond hill this morning ...police say he tried to escape out a window ... and resisted arrest ... so officers deployed a taser. taser.stidhum is accused of hitting and killing runner cathy chatfield on dorchester avenue last month ... during the seven hills run walk. witnesses say stidhum jumped the curb ... hitting chatfield ... then removed his plates and ran away. a butler county couple could need a new place to stay ... after a truck plows into their home... home...dionna davis says she was asleep when the truck came crashing into her 1800s log cabin style home in madison township early this morning ... a house she and her fiance only just started renting this month.she credits that very
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truck from crashing all the way into the house.the driver suffered only minor injuries and davis wasn't hurt ... but odot and zoning officials say the damage may mean the home isn't safe to live in anymore. officials say the accident was caused by slick roads. neighbors in westwood say they are taking matters into their own hands ... after several cars are hit by vandals with graffiti. graffiti.nine on your side photographed several vehicles that had been spray painted ... including at least one tagged with an obscenity too graphic to air.police tell us that despite this recent vandalism ... they've only received two complaints ..but one resident says there have been problems with vandals for more than a year ... and others say they're installing security systems and forming a blockwatch. "it's hard seeing that, and dealing with that, waking up in the morning, especially when you're going to work and you're looking at something like that, your property being destroyed." destroyed."police say if you see your car has been damaged by a vandal in any way, contact them and file a
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a 10 year old boy with d-i-p-g cancer got an incredible homecoming today ...complete with lights, sirens, and a cheering crowd to greet him ... ...kyler bradley is fighting for his life against cancer ... today he returned home from undergoing treatment in style ... pulling up to a home still decorated in holiday lights ... also shining with the lights of the fairfield township rescue truck that brought him home.kyler's mom rebecca says ... he kept giving thumbs up to everyone in the ambulance. i think he was amazed to see everybody.and to see him waive to everybody was just unbelievable. i mean he's not the same kid that went in, but he is definitely an unbelievable kid coming out. out. kyler's mother says her family pushed to get him home as soon as possible so that they can give him the best quality of life ...and promises we'll see him out and about... as they keep praying
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it's not any new mother's ideal place to give birth.. a bathroom.but it's exactly what happened to one local mom. and tonight-- our viewers are
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a tri-state mother and baby are doing fine, tonight, after an unusual birth in a very unusual place. christine ferguson gave birth to a baby boy, yesterday, while she was in her shower. christine's husband, thomas, quickly called 9-1-1. christine and the baby, chance, were taken to u-c medical center. thomas tell's 9 on your side baby chance was three weeks early. he says this is a great surprise. thomas' says as thankful he is- he and is family are struggling to provide for chance. if you're interested in donating any new or gently used baby items to the family-
7:18 pm after this story first aired at 6-- we've already heard from several of you. the cincinnati zoo has a new family member ...a little penguin hatched early this morning ... becoming the first 'zoo baby' of 2016! 2016!the penguin ... also known as a blue or fairy penguin ... hatched around 6 this morning ... weighing in at 46 grams.the chick became the 33rd 'little penguin' at the zoo ... which is home to the largest little penguin colony in the u-s.the zoo took suggestions for its name from social media ... and eventually settled on 'bowie' because today is david bowie's birthday.
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